Thursday, September 23, 2010

Finally Pink Cricut

I finally broke open my Pink Cricut! YAY! I have to do some bulletin boards next week for Hunters school and I wanted to make his teacher a card for making his transition into preschool an easy one. I am not finished with the bulletin board items and I will probably make way more than I need but its fun anyways. Can I just say that I love my Expression 10 times more than my baby Cricut? It is so much easier to use and I love being able to make bigger things! YAY! Ok here are my projects I will have to add what I used later because I am running around like my head is chopped off today. We are so busy. Can I just say that I love the card that I made for Hunters teacher, I dont think she did (another story) but I do... (On the inside it says "Wont keep me away") Sorry I am rambling, trying to get a million and one things done while Fisher takes a rest. BTW I cant get the pic of my Pink Cricut to rotate, I will fix it later!


Perfectly Unperfect Cards said...

That is adorable, I love the apple cards :D

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