Friday, October 15, 2010

Treat Boxes

What a busy week! Preschool trip to the pumpkin patch, helping parent at school, our dog has salmonella and is at the vet (outcome unknown). Anyways as the helping parent I told Hunter I would make Monster treat boxes from the cartridge Mini Monsters. What an ordeal! They are so cute but so time consuming. I also have to take treats to the soccer game tomorrow so I made them for the team too! YIKES...

Anyways it took a long time but here are the treat bags. They are so cute. And they were a hit with his class! Totally worth it in the end.

The first pic is of the soccer teams' Monster treat bags. Again they arent all showing as one of the players will not be there.

The second pic is of my adorable boys at the pumpkin patch. If you want to see more I have tons on my Facebook page.

The last two pictures are of the treat bags for his class. I didnt take pictures of them all.

Hope you liked them.

Love Holly


Val said...

Those treat boxes are darling!! I love how each of them are a little different. Cute:)

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