Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Someone got creative!

I remembered today as my two (almost three year old took a nap) seeing little elf ornaments in a magazine a couple years ago. I had run out and bought all the supplies and lost the picture and the instructions. The supplies have sat in a bag for at least two if not three years. I attempted to recreate it as I remember, it might not be right but it was amazing for me because I never make anything without instructions. Big day for me! Anyways I hope you like it. If I can get my husband on board, I think I will actually go to the craft store and get the right kind of beads. Got to go, Im sure Fisher will be waking soon and Hunter is finishing his millionth and one paper chain for the day so I will have to entertain him in a minute. Hope you like it, I will be making more and hope they will look better as I go. By the way he has pink glitter stickles for his cheeks!

Love Holly


Perfectly Unperfect Cards said...

That is so cute. I love stickles they make everything better.

Karen @ THEBUSYBUG said...

Cute....TFS..Come on over and visit my blog.....I'm giving away the PINK ATG GUN which ends tomorrow! Bug Hugs!

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